Monday, 2 April 2012

Too Happy if it wasn't Just a Joke

Yesterday (yes, 1st April) a friend tell me about recent update from a online wargame that I haven't played a while. The game title is World of Tanks by Wargaming Studio.

This game is an vehicle battle game using 1940s tanks.
What surprise me is, they're planning to put P.1000 Ratte on next update.

I know it's an announcement on 1st April, but this one is mixed with true news (about economic rebalancing). So, I'm really hope it's not a joke or just an announcement of their long term plan.

As a game, it's currently on version 0.7.2, and every minor client update, they're always giving a small surprise from units, systems, skills and else. So I hope it's not just a joke and they're currently trying something new to surprise us, game user on next update ^^

Have fun with your life.

Revealed that it just a joke.

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